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Stefan Münnich, MA

Anton Webern Gesamtausgabe



Bernoullistrasse 32, 4056 Basel
Room 020

The Anton Webern Gesamtausgabe is a critical-historical edition which aims to make Webern's entire oeuvre accessible to musical scholarship and practice in a scholarly form. Based at the Musicology Seminar of the University of Basel the AWG, supported by the Swiss National Scientific Foundation (SNF), works in close collaboration with the Paul Sacher Stiftung (Basel), which holds most of Webern's existing source material. Starting in 2016, the AWG will be released in a Hybrid Print-Online Edition, the printed volumes being published by Universal Edition (Vienna), the online accesible parts being organized via the Knora/SALSAH platform of the DHLab at Basel University. Project pages: anton-webern.ch and edition.anton-webern.ch

Sonja Gasser, MA

Archives on the move



Bernoullistrasse 32, 4056 Basel
Room 020

At the DH Lab, I am responsible for the project Archives on the move – Visualization and Communication of the Digitized Photo Archives of Kunsthalle Basel. My main interest is in contemporary art, especially media and digital art, but also in visual communication and web technologies. I studied Art History with special qualification in Curatorial Studies and Museology at the University of Bern. Currently, I am writing my doctoral thesis on Visualization and Communication Strategies for Digitized Art Collections in the PhD program Digital Art History at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.


Dr. Erwin Zbinden

Project assistant

+41 (0) 61-207-04-89


Bernoullistrasse 32, 4056 Basel
Room 021

I studied histrory, philosophy and economics, then worked as a photographer for ten years. Then I started programming and built a database for photographers. Combining history and photography led to my PhD thesis about dating photographic film with edge markings. The database can be found under www.bilderdienst.ch.

Currently I work on digital archival file formats and the the Salsah/Knora frontend.