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Dr. Peter Fornaro

Management Team

+41 (0) 61-207-04-87


Bernoullistrasse 32, 4056 Basel
Room 022 B

I studied electrical engineering, physics, photography, and business administration. My research covers modern camera technology, innovative scanning methods like Reflection Transformation Imaging (RTI), colour science, and digital preservation.
In my lectures I teach media technology, colour science, and photography. I am also responsible for scanning projects and for financial and business matters.

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Prof. Dr. Lukas Rosenthaler

Management Team

+41 (0) 61-207-04-90


Bernoullistrasse 32, 4056 Basel
Room 022 A

My research is focused on the longevity of audio-visual cultural heritage and its use in the digital age. Key aspects are:

  • New tools for the use of digital sources (virtual research environments)
  • Digital archiving and archives (digitization, access, long-term archival, and longevity of digital information)
  • Restoration/reconstruction of visual media, especially moving images